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Who we are and our culture

Loft37's vision is to deliver high-quality solutions in which conceptual and innovative design is closely co-ordinated with a deep understanding of our customers and their needs.

Experience from a comprehensive project and customer portfolio is brought together by a highly skilled and dynamic team whose core competencies are concept and design to digital platforms.  Underline ‘concept.’  Beautiful design can be purchased from many providers, but Loft37 is unique in its understanding of the customer’s situation, market, conditions and identity. Beautiful design is not good design if it doesn’t match the customer, the message, and the recipient. Loft37 is ready to take chances.  This creates dynamic co-operation and solid and well-considered concepts that challenge customers as well as the audience.  Relevance, new thinking, correct targeting and durability are all characteristics of Loft37's work.

  Alongside the thorough understanding of customers comes a personal, professional pride and an honor in delivering the very best. That creates well-executed designs that relate perfectly to the concept and to the customer’s visual identity. For implementation, we frequently bring in a third party. Whether it’s about sketches, layout or finished designs, Loft37 always guarantees that a thorough understanding for concept and design is part of the package – either in the form of instructions, pixel measurements, a design manual or design presentation.



  • Tue Wesnæs

    Tue Wesnæs

    Creative Director / Partner

    Tue holds a B.A. in Digital Communication from Denmark’s Design School and has also studied graphic design and art history at the ’Istituto per l'Arte e il Restauro’ in Italy.  One could argue that his understanding for art history and communication is clearly visible in his solutions for customers such as Telenor, Tryg, Irma, Novo Nordisk and 3Shape.


    +45 40 10 51 72
  • Rasmus Michelsen

    Rasmus Michelsen

    Strategy & UX Director / Partner

    Rasmus Michelsen began as a digital designer. Today Rasmus is the Loft37’s head of strategy and UX, and was the main architect behind several groundbreaking solutions including Novo Nordisk and Irma. His strategic knowledge and understanding is built partly on his passion for collecting websites. Many sites are used to benchmark the strategies he develops for customers.

    +45 23 35 59 94
  • Maria Handberg

    Maria Handberg

    Project Manager Director

    Maria has a Masters’ degree in Design and Digital Communication and has wide experience in the development of and project management of digital solutions. Whether it’s products, services, brands, ideas, messages, dreams, she sees it as Loft37’s most important task go create solutions and work best for the customer.  

    +45 26 13 38 88
  • Allan Nielsen

    Allan Nielsen

    Senior Art Director

    Allan has a solid background within design and has worked for various agencies. He has worked on a wide variety of large projects for Denmarks leading companies. Allan has a great sense for the aesthetic detail and a strong theoretical base. Furthermore he holds a M.Sc. in Design & Digital Arts and a B.A. in media studies.

    +45 28 73 95 78
  • Martin Morpain

    Martin Morpain

    Senior Art Director

    Martin is a designer by heart – opinions and emotions must be brought to the table. Prior to Loft37, Martin was self-employed for five years with clients such as Danske Spil and PFA Pension, and he has worked with many Copenhagen ad agencies. Before this, Martin worked as Senior Art Director at RelationshusetGekko and LBi/Framfab.

    +45 21 43 49 96
  • Mads Clausen

    Mads Clausen

    Art Director

    Mads is a self-taught designer with a skill-set shaped by freelance and agency life. His academic background in concept development and digital strategy has influenced his endorcement for co-creative participation with our clients. By emphasising this collaborative mindset, he believes we create the best possible solution for our clients and the end-users.

    +45 31 33 97 91
  • Matt Johnston

    Matt Johnston

    UX Designer

    Matt has developed concepts for leading B2B brands across the Nordics (Nordea, Husqvarna, Grundfos), Matt has used his experience in digital design to shape a role that combines creative and strategic thinking to craft meaningful, user-centred solutions that create value for both our clients and their customer base. For Matt, effective design is all about the process.

    +45 50 20 99 47
  • Sofie Barnechow

    Sofie Barnechow

    UX Student Assistant

    Sofie works as a student assistant at Loft37 alongside taking her master’s degree at IT-University where she studies Digital Design and Communication. Sofie has taken part on a variety of projects at Loft37 and cares deeply about understanding the user’s needs, incorporating them throughout the process.

    +45 22 79 51 67


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