An icon should be understood in one second

We’ve developed easy-to-understand icons for software designs for Tryg, Coloplast, 3Shape and other great companies. Should we increase understanding among your employees, your customers, or both?
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Over the years, Loft37 has developed a solid expertise in developing icons for use in software solutions, on websites, mobiles, tablets and more. We have experience designing:

•     Product icons
•     App icons
•     Function icons (print, save, search etc.)
•     Pictograms
•     Process icons


Is your company in the situation where complex maneuvers need to be simply and quickly explained?  Maybe icons are the solution.

Loft37 has many years’ experience with developing both conventional icons as well as very advanced icons that can stand alongside a logo.

The optimal process includes:
Analysis > sketches > inking > description of icon style

2 strong icon solutions


Software Icons

Watch case
Tablet Tablet Desktop Desktop


+60 super Icons

Watch case
Tablet Tablet Desktop Desktop

Loft37 - Digital design to remember

Loft37's vision is to deliver high-quality solutions in which conceptual and innovative design is closely co-ordinated with a deep understanding of our customers and their needs.






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